Professional Body Painting by Gilly Ridge

A professional body painting artist, living in Cornwall, working nationally and internationally, creating incredible works of art on the human canvas.

Enquiries welcome for events, promotions, advertising and marketing campaigns.

Latest Artist Blog Posts from Cornwall

  • Plymouth Art Exhibition
    This weekend (1st and 2nd of October 2021) I will be exhibiting 4 pieces from my charcoal collection at Leadworks Projects in Plymouth in conjunction with Plymouth Artists Together. 10% will go to Plymouth Together that will help the victim’s families and community of Keyham. Having grown up in Plymouth between the ages of 6 […]
  • Hank the Hermit Crab
    It’s coming up to Christmas again and I just wanted to make sure that if you’re doing: 🎁 Something they want 🎨 Something they need 👕 Something to wear 📚 Something to read I can help with the last one! I am also a children’s author/illustrator and I am self published, so every single sale […]
  • “Cornish Shoal”
    Mackerel swimming in a “Cornish Shoal”… A fishing inspired impressionist piece. Calming with a deep sense of flow and simplistic brush work. Using my favourite colours this really is a statement piece that is inspired by my childhood, mackerel fishing in Cornwall. “Cornish Shoal” £720 including delivery to UK addresses Signed Original 70 inches x […]