“Waking” – there’s always tomorrow… another day to make life better.

One of my charcoal drawings that I completed whilst suffering from a herniated disc and severe nerve compression. There’s always a new day, so just keep going. Each day whilst I was in pain, I didn’t know whether there would be any improvement or worsening. There were points where I didn’t think I would ever walk again. Thanks to surgery, I did and am now pain free. I will never take the simple act of walking for granted ever again. I am now thankful every morning when I wake up.

The Details:

  • £105
  • Charcoal drawing on paper
  • A4
  • Original
  • Signed
  • Framed
  • Includes delivery to UK addresses. Please contact me for internationally shipping

If you would like to purchase this drawing, please Contact me directly…

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