SOLD “Lockdown Longings”

Needed to take my mind off my stresses this evening.

Normally I visit the beach for a walk when my head needs clearing and my soul needs soothing, but I live a 25 minute drive to the nearest beach, so in lockdown I’ve not been able to as it isn’t seen as essential travel (although I think it is!!).

So instead of walking beside it, I decided to paint it. Abstract so I could be free to lose myself rather than concentrating really hard on getting details right.

What shall I call it?

Please DM to purchase or ask about international shipping costs.

The Details:

  • £85 
  • Acrylic on Slim Edge Canvas
  • 16 inches x 20 inches 
  • Original
  • Signed
  • Includes delivery to UK addresses. Please contact me for internationally shipping

If you would like to purchase this painting, please Contact me directly…

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